Coronavirus / Covid-19 Support

Please support us during Coronavirus Isolation

As you aware, the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic is causing havoc around the world and affecting many businesses and individuals. 

The Live Entertainment industry is also suffering, with tour cancellations and government advice/warnings to avoid crowded areas.

As a result, I have no work for the foreseeable future and this a serious threat to my being able to support my family and pay my bills, (The bills haven't been affected by the outbreak!)  

In order to, hopefully, provide some income until matters resolve and am able to resume work, I have reluctantly made a decision to offer prints of any photo on this website, for £45 (inc. VAT) plus delivery, to help sustain my business and keep me afloat during this rather strange and frightening period of uncertainty.

This is not something I would usually offer, as my work is intended for editorial use only.  

If you like my work and would like a piece of it for your wall, now is your chance.  Only two sizes of print will be available, both priced at £45 - A3 and 18"x12", unframed, and only while the virus is having an effect on the business. 

Simply click on the 'Buy' button above any image in the galleries. 

Thank you for your support - you ARE appreciated, and stay safe everyone. Don't take unnecessary risks.

Jason Sheldon